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Sharing My Favorite Raw Drink

I make this drink for myself nearly every day, so I wanted to share it with you all...


1/2 Lemon, hand-squeezed into a regular-sized glass.
1 Tablespoon Raw Agave Nectar
1 teaspoon Chia Seeds (Optional)

Whisk together with a fork.
Add water to fill the cup.
(Optional) Wait about 3-5 minutes before drinking, and stir again. This gives the chia an opportunity to begin to sprout.

Chia has a nice pudding-like quality once it has begun sprouting. This is useful in making dehydrated cookies/chips, and also if you're missing eating something pudding-like. I suspect that with a nice blender or juicer it could be made into a really good pudding or icecream substitute, but I haven't tried this myself.

A note on agave: I get the Ojio clear agave in the glass bottle usually, which is in the "real raw" category as they say on their site. The Wholesome Sweeteners Raw Agave reaches I believe 112 degrees (you can always call them like I did and find out for yourself), so it depends on your personal beliefs whether you want theirs. It personally doesn't bother me because agave grows in a tropical climate, so I suspect it can reach 112 degrees without it damaging the plant's enzymes, so it doesn't bother me. It's a gray area, and you need to decide for yourself. :-)
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For clarity's sake, I'll offer the technical details of what they are doing to the agave... They cook it under high pressure so that the temperature it boils is low enough to fool many people into thinking it's raw (not heated above 110 degrees or so). (You know how pressure cookers cook things faster using the same external temperature? This is the same thing.) They might not even know that they are fooling people, since raw foodists don't always know what they mean by "raw". :-) The way to know if agave sap has been cooked is to check if it's tequila or not. If it's not tequila, it's been cooked, because raw agave juice ferments, very quickly...

So no agave nectar (sweetener) can possibly be actually raw in the sense of still being alive. It's been chemically changed into a cooked food - simple sugars called hydrolyzed polysaccharides, mostly fructose, which will negatively affect your body if you are actually eating a raw (living food) diet that normally only has complex sugars. If you're not raw, and just eat more raw food than the average Westerner, then you probably won't notice the effects, since the other cooked foods would also be affecting you as well.

Anyway, just some info. I know it's not something that the companies go out of their way to tell you, since they want to make a profit. But this is the chemistry/biology of it all. Raw agave = tequila. :-)

If you've ever done maple tree tapping, to get the maple sap, you get the same thing, fermentation starts almost immediately (within a day if it's above freezing) if you don't cook it. That's because sap has a very high sugar content with lots of water, and that's a huge feast for yeast! So they boil it to kill anything that's alive in it.

There is apparently a process that doesn't involve boiling, which uses enzymes to do the hydrolyzation process, which is probably better, but still leaves you with simple sugars that will mess with your body chemistry.

Again, if you aren't actually raw, and just like eating some raw foods, then you might not bother staying away from agave and other processed sugars, but at least you should have the information to make a good choice, right? :-)
I've made something similar but it was with Orange juice and a spoon of local maple syrup(not raw, I'm more into natural foods). I tried agave when it first came out, just not a real fan of the taste so I never even got as far as worrying about if it was healthy or not lol. I use mainly local maple syrup or local honey for sweetener if I need one.

Chia is fun to play with :) Perhaps I'll go make something for work tomorrow because I prefer when the Chia has time to set for awhile and gets more gel like.
What do you like to do with chia?