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A leafy greens meal - iron problem?

Sounds weird, I know.
So far, my dinner was a fruit salad with a teaspoon of spirulina for iron, sprinkled over it. Since I decided to go as raw as I can I've been plotting to upgrade the salad with some leafy greens. This week I got me some celery and chard to add to the salad (and some pumpkin to grate into it, too). It all sounded lovely (accept mom, who decided the chard will give me stomach aches if I ate it raw...w0t?) until I surfed the internetz and found out that both celery and chard have a lot of calcium in it.
I go about planning my meals carefully so as to saparate calcium from iron as much as I can (accept lunch's salad, which has legume sprouts and a tahini-based sauce) and piling the iron with as much vitamin C as possible. Now that it's winter time, there are at least two citrus fruits in the fruit salad to pump up the C. Do you think the celery and chard with disrupt my iron absorbtion?

Thanks in advance and also, hey, newbiew here :)
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