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Hopefully I can get some advice ...
I'm very low on money (my Dad gives me varying amounts of money to eat and somedays nothing), my EBT (government money) ran out a few days ago so I need to find a way to eat healthy and cheap until the 9th of next month when I get more money loaded onto the card. I'm vegan and these past few days I've been eating quoiamixed with spiced soybeans from trader joes (only 99 cents per packet of the soy stuff). I also bought my favorite cereal which is the longest lasting one for the box which is Barbara's shredded spoonfuls. I add flax for the omega 3s. Breakfast is pretty much taken care of but I need to figure out my two other meals. What I've been doing is like I've written above: quoia and soybeans... It's filling but I'm not sure it's the most healthy since I'm not eating green veggies or fruits and during the afternoon I feel really really out of energy eating this way. I also take a multi vitamin from traderjoes which includes b12. I guess my question is... with about 3 - 10 dollars a day to spend on food, what would be the best things for me purchase and eat which is both cheap and has nutritionally everything my body needs.

I eat strictly vegan and want to go raw when I have money and a better living situation.

Any advice would really help me out a lot.

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