For You (its4you) wrote in raw_veganism,
For You

5'4", 123-124 lbs. Have juiced, fasted, been vegan for a year and 90-95% raw for a few months before. That was the last time I lost a lot of weight (160 down to 110).

Went on a hiatus from being vegan, got back up to 145, and now down to my current weight, been vegan for 5 and 1/2 months now and I would say I'm about 60% raw. Want to juice, smoothie & salad my way down to 115 in 2 wks. A little extreme.

But an 18 day juice fast is how I lost 20 lbs and kept it off for quite awhile last time.

I'm hoping to repeat the success. Going to eat a little more substance this time, and not stick 100% to juice, but mainly liquids. Juice, teas, and soups.

You guys are my favorite kind of people, so if you're on here and would like to be friends and/or offer your support, I welcome you! :)

Peace and Love~

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