fxdupprincess (fxdupprincess) wrote in raw_veganism,

Where do you get yours?

Does anybody know where I can get the Cheapest/Most Inexpensive
raw nuts,
and dried items (fruits, veggies, etc.)

BESIDES making them yourself?

And also, specifically, do any of you buy organic raw peanuts, and if so, where?
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I've had good luck with NutsOnline. They have very good customer service and ship very fast! :)
I agree. We use them for our stuff at my work and they always send us free samples in the orders.
Do you work at a natural foods store or something?
Actually I work in a coffee shop! We order bubble tea stuff from nutsonline and they always include some sort of raw sample that I claim :P

My boyfriend did work in a natural food store until they closed :( How I miss it (and the discount!!!!)
I came here to recommend this myself. I only just found them a few days ago because I was looking for inexpensive matcha powder.
Cool, thanks!
I'd never heard of NutsOnline, but their prices on organic nuts are astronomical! I was just at my local co-op here in pricey Seattle, and I found raw organic almonds (I know, technically pasteurized so not quite raw) for $6.49/lb. and raw organic walnuts for $5.99/lb. So my advice is to shop sales at co-ops and even places like Whole Foods, which is usually expensive but does have good sale prices sometimes on bulk items, and stock up when you find a good price. Trader Joe's has limited selection, but their nuts tend to be good and cheap.
I wonder where they get theirs...
Actually my local grocery store Publix has all that 7.00 a pound or less in their green foods isle. You want to always look in bulk bins not the prepackaged area.

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AFAIK, the issue with peanuts is possible contamination with aflatoxin, which can cause liver cancer. If that's something you're concerned about, research seems to indicate that going vegan will protect you more than avoiding peanuts but continuing to eat animal protein.